Is Reading Scandinavian Literature Worth Your Time?

Scandinavian literature comprises several short stories, legends, tales, books, and even poems that were initially written strictly by people from Nordic countries. You might be wondering why you should devote any time at all to reading these written art pieces, given that they come from such a different place in the world.

Take a Journey to Distant Lands

For avid readers, the stories they have come to love often give them a chance to get lost in worlds that differ from their current realities. There are few genres that can do this as perfectly and epically as Scandinavian literature, as it tends to be so fantastic and filled with references and styles that are compelling and alien.

Is Reading Scandinavian Literature Worth Your Time telescope - Is Reading Scandinavian Literature Worth Your Time?

A Matter of Culture

If you want to encourage others to read, Scandinavian culture dictates that having things written specifically for them is crucial in their development as readers. Thus, you will find a myriad of stories for anyone and everyone written by people that have their best interest at heart and are attractive and alluring.


In these times where everything is subject to the politically correct language and topics, Scandinavian literature offers a refreshing sense of humour that excludes nothing. Of course, this is tastefully done and only enhances the sense of freedom and otherworldliness of the stories and books.

Understanding your Favourite Stories

Fans of Lord of the Rings have British writer Tolkien to thank for these wonderful epic books, but if you want to find out more, then you should know where the plot comes from. The Curse of Andvari’s Ring was a big favourite of the Vikings and as you might have surmised, it is what inspired Tolkien to write your beloved trilogy.

Marvel’s followers are quite familiar with Thor and his many accomplishments both alone and as part of the Avenger’s team. Although the movies and comics have brought this Norse God to mass media, his origins can be traced back to prominent Scandinavian literature pieces like the Theft of Thor’s Hammer.

Those wanting to dig deeper into the origins of their favourite super-hero and god will have a marvellous time researching the Scandinavian lore stories that talk about Thor. Moreover, given that his father Odin was featured in such small parts of the Marvel Universe’s stories and movies, you can find more about him by researching Scandinavian tales.

Broaden Historical Knowledge

It is broadly accepted and taught that the discovery of the Americas was done by the Spanish first, then the English and the Portuguese. Although Vikings were great sailors and warriors, they are somehow excluded from this part of history. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then you can go on and read Graenlendinga Saga and Eirik’s Saga.

These manuscripts talk about how even 500 years before Colombus got to the Americas, the Vikings made their way and explored the unknown lands. These eye-opening literature bits’ contents are backed up by archaeological findings in Canada, which is why history lovers should rush to read the Viking sagas.

Encouraging your kids to read and getting lost in wonderful worldsallows them to understandtheir favourite stories and broadening historical knowledge. All of these are reasons why Scandinavian literature is worth all the time you can and want to devote to it.

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