About Nordic Writers Guild

About Nordic Writers Guild - About Nordic Writers GuildOur founder, Archie Barlow was born in Sussex in 1976 to a hardworking middle-class family. Being the youngest and only son of four siblings, he lacked the time and resources to go for great adventures and he quickly found himself getting lost in Scandinavian tales. They became his escape and great passion, a way out of the monotonous lifestyle he had.

Archie grew up to become a continuous mining machine operator but never gave up on Scandinavian literature. He started drawing inspiration for his own writings from those tales he researched quite avidly since every great reader eventually turns to writing.  At first, he barely had the time to write a few short stories but soon his writing evolved.

By the time he was writing small novels, Archie came across a few other people that shared his passion for Scandinavian literature and their feedback nurtured his work.

They met over the weekends to go through their favourite tales and extrapolate them into their own writings, giving each of their stories their own personal touch. Noticing just how productive these exchanges were, they realized a home for their ideas and community was needed.

Thus, Nordic Writers Guild came to be that space where they could all share with the world what they knew and loved, along with adding new people to their community of writers. We are the team that came together and saw that the magazine had the best articles in this field, articles that every lover of Scandinavian literature would want to read.

Our writings ranged from old Nordic styles to modern techniques as well. For us, it is paramount to offer our readers an online resource for all things Scandinavian literature and broaden their awareness of it, eager to include any suggestions they have.